Middle Earth Roleplaying

I’m starting up a Middle Earth game here at home, with my usual gaming group. Here are the characters so far:

The stats are dice from Savage Worlds: purple is d4, blue is d6, and on up the chromatic scale to orange as d12. Or in-game

Purple is POOR


Green is SKILLED

Yellow is MINOR HERO

Orange is MAJOR HERO

If we need some ridiculous stat such as a Cave Troll’s Strength, that’d be a red d20.

The concept is “Raiders of the Dead Paths”: the Paths of the Dead under the mountains between Rohan and Gondor were the tombs of quite a few generations of kings, princes, and lesser nobility in the olden times. Aragorn summoned many of the spirits of the dead to fight with him at the end of LotR, freeing those ghosts from bondage. But there are some who stayed, so the Paths of the Dead are still unsafe.

Which means the treasures of the many, many tombs, which belong to no one now living, are essentially unguarded! So those seeking adventure (Elrohir) or riches (Rhiowyn, Iphenia) are gathering to take on the World’s Biggest Dungeon Crawl …

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