Guns & Goblins

My own MURPHY’S WAR series pits modern weapons and society against supernatural evil, with what I modestly imagine to be surprising results. There are only a few other members of this select fraternity, which I am christening Guns & Goblins. If you liked Murphy’s War, you’re apt to like these, too. And if you like them more than my own efforts? That’s perfectly fine; I’m a giver.

The one I first encountered as a lad was Operation Chaos by Poul Anderson. In an alternate world where magic is commonplace, WW2 is between the Allies and the Caliphate, a Moslem superstate with serious magic powers. Enter Stephen Matuchek, an Army Ranger who also happens to be a werewolf. Teamed with Virginia Graylock, a gorgeous redheaded witch, they go up against a weretiger Emir and his secret weapon, an Afreet or fire spirit who can’t be killed, so he has to be deceived somehow. I loved the idea of WW2 with magic and wore out a couple of copies of this one. The fact that my name’s Steven, that my Mom is Czech and her maiden name’s Machotka, that I’m significantly more hirsute than the average with a positively wolflike sense of loyalty, and I married a redhead named Virginia … well, that didn’t hurt, either. Much of my first Murphy’s War book, Operation Vampire, is a tribute and homage to Anderson’s world-building from Operation Chaos.

I’m not aware of any G&G books predating Operation Chaos and would be delighted to hear otherwise.

Next up: Getting Paid

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